There is this need that has been building up in me.

It is the need for room to breathe.

I’ve been trying to simplify myself into someone that people can understand because I am a fierce lover, a thunderstorm of compassion, a whirlwind of creativity, and an activist for the hurting.

Someone most won’t understand.

—————————————————————————————————————————————I am someone who is not easily read.

I am someone who is not easily understood.

I am someone who is not as social as I’d like to be.

I am someone who finds comfort in being alone.

I am someone who finds the outside of the box more comfortable.

I believe in innovation. I believe in new ways.I believe in self love above all else.

But I am still learning.. to walk.. in my own light.

Gender Based Violence

If you’re wondering about the morality of rape and gender violence, it’s the only crime against humanity where the victim must prove their innocence. That’s my main problem with today’s rape culture and GBV issues. But that, that brings on the topic of social change. How do we go about changing it? We acknowledge that there is a problem.